Assembling a Metal Shed

Skill Level – Competent DIYer with a good selection of tools, patience and time

Erecting a metal shed well is the key to both its appearance but also its longevity. You must read thoroughly the manufacturer’s instructions carefully before you erect the shed.

  • Check the forecast; do not attempt to erect a metal shed in a force 9. Pick a clear dry day if you can! The panels can be big and cumbersome
  • Get you mates round. The more the merrier, supply them with tea coffee and biscuits to ensure they stay for the entirety of the shed assembly, especially the roof
  • Get the roof on as soon as you can to stabilize the structure

We would always recommend you buy the anchor kits with the shed to ensure a good fitting shed.

  • Give yourself between 1-3 days for a shed and between 3-6 days for a large shed or garage
  • Be prepared to adjust some elements for the shed on assembly as it is metal and unless you are in a laboratory it will need a little adjusting and fettling.
  • For added waterproofing add silicon sealant on the inside around all of the joints

Metal and Steel Shed Checklist;

  • Shed
  • Instructions
  • Anchor Kit
  • 2 trestle tables
  • Assembly tools
  • Mates
  • Dry ‘Non windy’ Day
  • Tea, Coffee and Biscuits
  • Good Level concrete base